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15 Minutes per Panel: Master Builder System

In this video young British architect Jonathon Phillips reports on the MERU Master Builder System as it just has been implemented in the city of Erfurt in Germany on the construction site of a Maharishi Vastu seminar center that will be offering enlightenment and peace creating programs such as the Transcendental Meditation technique.

The pre-cast, all natural, self-insulating, liapor (popped clay) outside wall elements go up 15 minutes per panel. They have been developed by architect Christian Schweizer at MERU, Holland and are also known as the MERU Master Builder System. Traditional Vedic pilasters, arches, entablature, pinth and ornaments are part of the mold and therefore cast as part of the wall panel. No decorating necessary later (when usually the funds are up anyway), but all is there in the most efficient and most lasting way right from the beginning.

A slide show of another example of this construction system is available here.

10 Responses to “15 Minutes per Panel: Master Builder System”

  1. This beautiful demonstration shows my dream of a life time – to live in a home which actually creates enlightenment, health, wealth and happiness. This is my commitment – to live in this house.

  2. Cheryl Beckett says:

    Awesome,amazing. What a system! I can hardly wait.

  3. Hein Brik says:

    Excellent! It shows how quickly one can build a house now, which exactly meets the requirements as laid out in the Sthapatya Veda. Prefabricated and still in perfect harmony with Nature. This house not only protects us from the elements, it enhances and accelerates our development as a human being towards Enlightenment. That is why we build according to Sthapatya Veda and I am so grateful to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for having enlivened this treasure of knowledge, which has always been there, but nobody knew!!

  4. A. Currivan says:

    Perfect! A way to make it easy to build 3,000 Maharishi Vastu Centers everywhere.

  5. Unbelievable way of constructing. This gives hope for a new healthy design for all those, who want this design. –
    We will look for a way to share this on our website.
    Thank You

  6. Jacques Huyghe says:

    We have built our vastu home according to the principles presented in this video. I received the keys to the front door 48 hours after the start of the building. It saves the nervous system a lot of hassle and guarantees a good result as building the parts in a factory is much more reliable than building on the spot. I advise it to everyone.

  7. Maharishi Vastu says:

    Hi Narendra,
    you can email admin@fortunecreatingbuildings.com about building a Maharishi Vastu house in New England. Or you could go to http://www.maharishivastu.org/contact-us-usa
    Good luck and all the best!

  8. Susan Johnson says:

    Are homes built with this system available in Fairfield? Does it reduce the cost of the homes? Looks astounding.

    • susan lauer says:

      Hi Susan,
      so far, we are still in the testing stages of development on this system. WE need it to be perfect before beginning to construct homes. The US system is different in some respects from the European system used on this project in Germany. And cost-wise, we do not know, certainly it will eliminate many aspects of standard stick built construction so in the end, may prove to be a savings or at least equivalent. Certainly there would be great savings in energy efficiency!

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