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Brief history of Vastu

“Brief history of Vastu” from the Radio show on Feng Shui and Maharishi Vastu

DeAnna Radaj: Tell us now what is the history of Vastu in five minutes or less?

Jon Lipman: The history to me is eternal because Vastu is insights into the laws of nature that have to do with the structures of nature, galaxies, solar systems, planets, our own bodies, our cells, the atoms in our cells. These are all structures of nature and they are organized using certain laws of nature which ensures that each of these structures of nature are in balance and in harmony with nature. And we use those same laws of nature in Vastu with the structures that we design, which are houses and cities, so that we can have reliable effects from them.

And so you ask about the history, well we know that it has been associated with ancient India, the home of Vedic civilization for many thousands of years and the original knowledge, the texts, the books of Vedic literature on Vastu are simply cognitions. They are simply records of the vibrations of nature, of how nature structures its own structures. So they are not really part of a history and culture even though they were found in a certain place, just as Issac Newton discovered gravity, but we don’t think of gravity as having something to do with England.

When Maharishi started to examine Sthapatya Veda and Vastu 30 years ago he did quite a bit of work to really ensure that the original pure cognitions of nature were fully applied and so our history picks up about 30 years ago when this modern revival began.

2 Responses to “Brief history of Vastu”

  1. Raúl Thoret says:

    Need full info for books
    Raúl Thoret

  2. Maharishi Vastu says:

    What kind of information do you need and what book is it for?

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