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Fortune-Creating homes ad

A home can be so much more — it can be a special space that creates an influence of good health, happiness, family harmony and enlightenment. Maharishi Vedic Architecture reliably gives our homes these influences by using laws of nature that connect individual intellingence with cosmic intelligence. You can have these nourishing influences in your home, your work place, your school or your entire community.

We also refer to Maharishi Vedic architecture as Fortune Creating Housing or Maharishi Vastu or Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design. The Sanskrit word Sthapan means to establish. The sanskrit word Veda means knowledge of Natural Law. The system of Vedic architecture derives its principles from the ancient texts of Sthapatya Veda, the eternal system of architecture and city planning that that has been recently restored to its completeness by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

2 Responses to “Fortune-Creating homes ad”

  1. Paul Squillo says:

    Hello All,

    Are there currently any vastu designed modular homes? Are any also sustainable and/or green?

    What do they run, and where do we learn more? Particularly are any of these homes available on the West Coast?


    Paul & Eileen Squillo

  2. Maharishi Vastu says:

    Dear Paul and Eileen,

    These are good questions. There are actually lots of modular Maharishi Vastu buildings of different sizes. One example you can see here http://www.maharishivastu.org/news/maharishi-vastu-campus-incorporates-cutting-edge-sustainable-features.html At the same time these buildings are sustainable, in this case passive house designs. And there are many more Vastu buildings that are LEED certified or fulfill other green, sustainable standards. Some examples you can find here http://www.maharishivastu.org/sustainability and related videos on this site itself http://www.vastutv.com/category/sustainable-green.

    We hope this helps you to some extend and someone from our US office will contact you soon with more information about the West Coast.

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