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Maharishi Vastu Cabin

Accompany Jon Lipman as he interviews the builder and tours thisĀ  amazing 200 sf (20sqm) prototype home, recently completed and featured in an an open house in Fairfield, IA USA.

The all wood building has been designed and built according to the principles of Maharishi Vastu architecture, it just awaits a loving new owner and suitable site to complete. It was designed and built by Christian Hoffman, (with the masterful assistance of his father Eric), as a directed study course for his Sustainable living degree at Maharishi University of Management.

Christian is enthusiastic to build many, many more of these. They can be taken by trailer to locations far and wide and can be customized to suit the owner. Visit his website at: www.vastucabin.com for more details and to be in touch with Christian.

PS… the loft/sleeping area adds an additional 60 SF to the overall size of the house!

7 Responses to “Maharishi Vastu Cabin”

  1. Dearest Christian,

    For the last couple years I have been contacting pre-fab wood house builders
    in Brazil for a Vastu development.

    Today we are in the middle of Rio+20
    conference and I wish we had one to show
    Your video came just on time.

    Should you plan to expand the project to
    the tropics and customize the house for
    our woods, I will be more than happy to
    take part of it.

    Vastu Coordinator

  2. Gunnar Ka says:

    Dear Christian
    Really inspiring for us to see your cabin as we are working with the same concept.

    We are developing a MSV village in the hearth of Scandinavia, that is the Southern part of Sweden, where we have 49 building lots in beautiful nature.

    We will start with building 3 cabins this year(placed in a U-shape). In total we plan to build 9 cabins. When this is finished we will move on to construct larger houses.

    For more info see http://www.Vedapark.com

    Warm regards

    Gunnar Ka

  3. Rikc Hill says:

    All the MMY vastu sites are so fantastic and the MMY Vastu Channel is exactly what the world needs. Hi to Jonathan Lippman.

    Jai Guru Dev

    Rick Hill

  4. George Amanatides says:

    Does Albany , New York have or want any of these houses? We are in the midst of an nanotech explosion and alot of construction has been going on since the presidents second visit to Albany.

  5. George Amanatides says:

    Your Welcome to come to my property at 350 Colonie street in Albany and put one there for display to get people informed

  6. rama deva says:

    hi christian i had a question regarding the way you sleep i though in vastu you were not supposed to sleep with the head towrds and open window is this feng shui only?

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