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Proper Orientation in Maharishi Vastu Architecture

The most basic and most important principle of Maharishi Vastu architecture is proper orientation. The ancient Vastu shastras describe the effects of different orientation of buildings. The most auspicious orientations of a building is with its entrance facing towards due east (when looking out of the door). Then the building receives the nourishing influence of the rising sun.

We are not generally aware that the orientation of a building has a dramatic and easily-measured impact upon the quality of life of its occupants.

Maharishi Vastu homes are always precisely aligned with the cardinal directions to bring about auspicious influences such as good health, affluence, and happiness. East facing homes bring the greatest benefits to the health and success of their occupants.

Improperly oriented houses that are rotated with reference to the cardinal directions (based on true north, not magnetic north), as well as buildings facing inauspicious directions bring influences of fear, poverty, problems, lack of success, and chronic diseases.

From eight possible directions, only two directions — east and north — produce wholly auspicious influences.

In city planning it is important to already consider the orientation of roads, to avoid the creation of the sick planning syndrome. Many ancient city layouts are found to display this basic principle of Maharishi Vastu — architecture in accord with Natural Law: right orientation.

2 Responses to “Proper Orientation in Maharishi Vastu Architecture”

  1. patrick milo says:

    I like the article. I have a personal experience of a house I used to stay in whose door was actually facing west. My children have perpetually been sick. I have been in and out of hospitals for the last three years.

    Last one month i moved away from that house and you know what? i have not been to a hospital once in almost two months.

    My fortunes have been dwindling though I have well paying jobs. I drove one car from 2006 to last month. Just a week inside this house whose gate and door faces east, i bought a 4 by 4 car, something I have had as a new year resolution for almost three years in a row.

    I have a lot of sunlight in my rooms. what if I am able to build a vastu home?

    I am a sidha based in Kenya.

    Help me to know which way to face when sleeping.

    • Maharishi Vastu says:

      Thank you for sharing your remarkable experience, Patrick, and congratulations on your east facing house!

      What you are decribing is really the reason why one would change to have a properly oriented house with the entrance facing east: because the effect is so real, anyone can experience it, like you say. And in a Maharishi Vastu house the benefits are even much stronger, because everything is in harmony with Nature and live supporting, i.e. fortune-creating.

      Regarding your question: the head-end of the bed should be facing east, or alternatively south — yes, south. For the house, for working (desk) etc. it is always east or north, but for the bed east or south, i.e the head towards east and the feet towards west or the head towards south and the feet towards north.

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