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Rustic Style Maharishi Vastu Home

Come join us on a video tour of a lovely country home designed to complement the look of a rustic farmhouse from the early 1900’s demonstrates that any style of architecture is easily achievable with Maharishi Vastu design.

There is abundant use of natural materials – wood, stone and clay plaster throughout the house.

A special feature is the 2 story atrium over the Brahmasthan has operable clerestory windows at the top to allow the nourishing influence of the sun and the flow of fresh air throughout the house.

4 Responses to “Rustic Style Maharishi Vastu Home”

  1. Thank you for sharing this very practical home. We are also eager to return to Maharishi vastu after some years out of it now and this is very inspiring and relevant design to family living. Love the attached garage with walk thru to the kitchen!

  2. Steven Dye says:

    The explanation that Jon provides on The Fortune Creating Home effect is enriching in detail on what great benefit these homes can have in our life. My intention is to build one. Thanks Jon for
    Sharing this with us as aspirational motivation. Thanks. to Susan
    Laurer for sharing the link.

  3. mary ellen graybill says:

    Dear Jon:
    This is a wonderful view of an amazing work of art, the rustic farmhouse with the piano!

    Mary Ellen Graybill
    PS Please say hello to Pam for me; I still remember the great refresher course in SCI I took with her in the DC area years ago!

  4. Tatsuhiko Nagai says:

    Dear Johnathan Lippman,

    I am so grateful to your introducing the ideal Vastu home we Japanese group visited this home 2008 May.

    I remember the spacy living room with grandpiano, wide Brahmasthan hall, wooden kitchen, gorgeous dinning room, pretty daughter’s room, comfortable meditation room etc.

    My Japanese style Vastu home was completed 2008 October. The Brahmasthan hall is made of cherry flooring and almost the same atmosphere as this rustic Vastu home, as I showed the picture to my architect Mr. Aoyama you have ever met in Vldrop.

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