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Scaffolding comes off at Maharishi Peace Palace Erfurt

With the scaffolding coming off at the Meditation and Peace Center “Maharishi Peace Palace” in Erfurt, Germany, the facade that we see does the name justice – a modern day, ancient look palace. The ground floor outer walls were cast in one piece, including the ornaments, using a custom made rubber mold and natural expanded clay bubbles (liapor). They are load baring and self-insulating.

For the upper floor and interior walls conventional poroton (self-insulating clay bricks) were used, as still can be seen in the center of the facade, which will be plastered and finished from the front porch roof. The pillars for the front porch are currently being cast using a mixture of Italian marble of different grain sizes and white cement in another ornamental mold.

Let’s hope we see this building all finished soon!

5 Responses to “Scaffolding comes off at Maharishi Peace Palace Erfurt”

  1. guus schilder says:

    Like this. – to say it simple.

  2. Garry says:

    most beautiful, and probably the culmination of a few years of planning and organizing. Congratulations…you should be very very proud of this accomplishment. I like the apts above for rent…very practical mortgage helper!

  3. Lester says:

    It is my intension within the next six months to acquire land and a home in Georgia USA; and the House in which I live must be at least four bedrooms and also follow Vastu Principles and Design.
    Can you please provide some info re options and cost……
    Many Thanks

    • Maharishi Vastu says:

      Hi Lester,
      it is advisable before purchasing land for the construction of a Maharishi Vastu home, to do a site selection consultation, to make sure the land is auspicious, i.e. will give you the greatest benefit. Then you are welcome to choose one of our portfolio homes, or develop a custom design with us.
      Have you already had a look at http://www.maharishivastu.org with portfolios and further information? Our USA office will also contact you to assist you further. Best wishes for the creation of your very own fortune-creating Vastu home!

  4. The facade does bring the ancient look. Great way to keep memories of past.

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